Elly’s Arrival

This is the before-and-after of the birth of little Eleanor Kaye Hodgkin, my gorgeous niece. 🙂 Unfortunately, as the labour turned into a c-section, I missed photographing the birth itself in favour of anxiously twiddling my thumbs outside theatre. Gratefully, little Elly was born healthy and happy, with amazing mum Lisa, grandparents, aunt, uncle andContinue reading “Elly’s Arrival”

Aurora’s Welcome

After the storm, the sunlight brings hope of a rainbow. She is here. Aurora is the newest beloved member of this uniquely eclectic, sweet and wonderful family. In theory, I was to photograph Aurora’s beautiful and watery hypnobirth, but she had speedy plans that saw me rock up just fifteen minutes too late. Happily, I stillContinue reading “Aurora’s Welcome”

Lisa-Anne Prendergast

The vibrant and passionate Lisa-Anne Prendergast needed some photos to showcase her fun yet professional style as she launches her exciting new business and career as a marriage celebrant. We took these at the beautiful Churchill Island, where the golden light cast its magic, and the resident peacock was keen for a chat. If you’re looking for a marriage celebrantContinue reading “Lisa-Anne Prendergast”